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Nova Tattoo Machines is a state of the art tattoo manufacturing facility that creates high quality tattoo machines that are extremely lightweight. We manufacture our tattoo machines in the U.S.A.  out of one solid piece of 7075 Aircraft Aluminum making it extremely lightweight while still maintaining strength and durability. Since our tattoo machines our made right here in our facility we have eliminated the middle man lowering our end cost and bringing those saving to you. Not only do we provide you tattoo machines, we also provide the power supplies and accessories as well.

Nova Tattoo Machines- Products

Our website is easy to navigate and secure to use. All payments are done through PayPal ensuring automatic encryption of your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the secure sockets layer protocol (SSL) which is the highest layer of protection that is commercially available. Our shopping cart makes it very easy to select your preferred products from us and checkout using PayPal (you are not required to have a PayPal account to make credit card orders through PayPal). Our tattoo machines have been through beta testing with experienced local tattoo artists in Northeast Ohio who all gave great feedback to provide you with a high quality tattoo machine with a lifetime guarantee. The CEO and owner, Dan Novak had received tattoos using the Super Nova series tattoo machine to ensure that it is safe for his customers as well. Our customers are our number one priority and we dedicate ourselves to providing them with excellent customer service by helping them find the right product to fit their needs as well as answer any questions they might have  about our tattoo machines. Our products are 100% U.S.A made in our facility located in Eastlake, Ohio.