313816_289758104487313_1538092173_n[1]Nova Tattoo Machines is a state of the art tattoo manufacturing facility that creates high quality tattoo machines that are extremely lightweight. We manufacture our tattoo machines in the U.S.A.  out of one solid piece of 7075 Aircraft Aluminum making it extremely lightweight while still maintaining strength and durability. Since our tattoo machines our made right here in our facility we have eliminated the middle man lowering our end cost and bringing those saving to you. Not only do we provide you tattoo machines, we also provide the power supplies and accessories as well.

Featured Products

Aircraft Aluminum

We make all of our Tattoo Machines out of 7075 Aircraft Aluminum, giving us the ability to produce thicker frames to help reduce the vibration while in operation.








  • The coil tension is 100% uniform to reduce heat buildup to a minimum.
  • Our colors are anodized to prevent against oxidation and corrosion making it more durable then a powder coated product.
  •  The aluminum Frame will never become magnetized by the coils which eliminated the problem of power variation unlike its steel counterpart.

**NEW** Grip for Needle Cartridge

Disposable Needle Tattoo Grip









Lifetime Gaurantee

We are so confident in our designs and quality we put a LIFETIME GAURANTEE on all of our Tattoo Machines.

Nova Tattoo Machine ART 8







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